Welcome to the world of Little Palmerhaus, where quality meets daily life

About Us

Little Palmerhaus is an Indonesian local company that focuses on the baby and kids industry, throughout the years the company has also proved its competency in the industry through penetrating international markets.

It all started in the year 2017 where there is not only
a lack in local brands for baby and kids products, but also the lack in quality of the local products. The industry itself was heavily bombarded by international brands, seeing the gap in the market Little Palmerhaus was eventually introduced to carter the needs of Indonesian parents to take care of their babies and kids products.

The main objective of Little Palmerhaus is to produce textile products specially for babies with the best quality possible. The production process started off by choosing yarns of the best quality and is of the softest touch, the company also made sure that during the printing
process only inks with certificate can be used. The production, distribution and recycling process of the company products are made to be as environmentally friendly as possible.Some of the main reasons that enables Little Palmerhaus to capture the hearts of Indonesian parents despite only being introduced to the industry 3 years ago is:

  1. Little Palmerhaus products are known to be affordable despite its quality that should no longer be doubted.
  2. Little Palmerhaus products are known for its fun designs and patterns that are not only loved by children but also by
  3. All the steps in production are done in house, this enables the company to continuously monitor the quality and standard of its products. Last but not the least, all of Little Palmerhaus products have Standard National Indonesia (SNI) tag on it and has also been qualified for the certification of OEKO-Tex, which is known to be the standard of products worldwide.
    Hence it should no longer be doubted that Little Palmerhaus has been one of the local brands that is trusted by Indonesian parents for
    the needs of their baby and kids.

Welcome to the world of Little Palmerhaus, where quality meets daily life


“Happiness is seeing your kids happy”

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